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Transportation system plays an important role in the city infrastructure. All city systems function with its help.

Passenger transportation has buses and taxicabs in its depot. Due to architectural features of the city, 8 transportation routes have been organized which include 43 bus-lines and 5 taxi-routes. there were organized 8 routes, that include 43 buses and 5 taxi. Passenger turnover runs up to 6280 people per day.

The city depot is systematically renewed and repaired, which is a guarantee for its regular functioning.

Retirees regularly get financial help from the city budget to have a possibility to use public transportation. 2005 they travelled 18 times a month in every kind of public transport. To ensure this, 1.45 Million rubles were spent from the city budget.

Pupils and students have 50% privilege paying for a transportation in Glazov.

Taxi depot is growing in number, thus a taxi trip is widely available for many citizens.

Automatic tickets buying system for railway transport has already been functioning in the city. The railway terminal has been reconstructed, thus the service is much better and more comfortable.

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