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Official Portal of Municipal District of Glazov city
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The city History is already 327 years old, since it was refered 1678 to.

Geographic place: in latitude 58°10´ North and in longtitude 52°40´ Ost. It’s placed in North Udmurtia (Upper West Ural) on the left shore of Tcheptsa river. It’s spread 5 km in the South and 12 km in the North. Its total area is 6916 hectare. The border is 64 km long.

Railway communication: to Moscow - 1106 km (through Nizhni Novgorod), 1170 km (through Yaroslavl), to the capital of Udmurita – Izhevsk - 197 km.

Automobile communication to Moscow: the rout №7 „Kazan-Izhevsk“ и „Izhevsk-Glazov“.

Friend relationship: Calgary (Canada), cooperation with India Embassy in Moscow in way of studying our specialists in institutes of India.

Near airports:

  • Izhevsk (internal communication),
  • Perm (international communication).

Glazov is an industrial center of North Udmurtia, there are about 150 big and middle, round 450 small enterprises.

The city has also commercial relations with more than 10 countries, there are France, Sweden, the USA, Germany, Norway.

Education: 28 kindergartens, 20 schools, 10 colleges of additional education, 3 – secondary special education, 3 state higher education schools (including branches).

Sights:near Glazov there’s placed the biggest archeological memorial of Finno-Ugric culture of 9-13 centuries, site of ancient settlement Idnakar.

Entertainment: sport complex „Progress“, cultural center „Russia“, entertainment center „Star“, bowling center „Crystal“, theater „Paraphrase“, youth club „Rodnik“, club „Soroka“. Restaurants –3, cafes – 9, bars – 2.

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