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Old Glazov

Glazov is the oldest city of Udmurtia, it’s placed in North Udmurtia (Upper West Ural) on the left shore of Tcheptsa river. There live about 101 thousand people.

It came from the udmurtisch village “Syn gurt”, in Russian it means “Glaz-village”. It’s been firstly mentioned in 1678. On 1st September 1780 according to decree of Ekaterina II it was renamed in the city.

On 28th May 1781 there was approved the Glazov emblem imitating a human eye.

1784 the city was planed by famous architect from St.Petersburg Ivan Lem, and of course the city plan was like an eye, exactly “all-seeing God eye”. The same architectural project was typical for “ideal city” of the Age of Enlightenment. It’s like a plan of Versailles.

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