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It’s placed in North Udmurtia (Upper West Ural) on the left shore of Tcheptsa river in 180 km to North-West from Izhevsk. It’s been already mentioned in 17 century as a village.

There are some interesting definitions of the word “Glazov” and versions, why the city was called so: the first – the city center is build in shaft radial way, so if you look down on it, that’s mentioned an eye. the second - There are many springs in Udmurtia. The “oshmes syn” (“spring” in Udmurtisch) means “the eye of source”. the third (the most logical) there was the most popular in 16 century name family “Glazov”.

Population number: 1678 - 150; 1939 - 16 000; 1999 – more than 100 000

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