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Glazov has two sources of water-supply: the underground and the surface. The main underground water-supply source is the groundwater of the Kutsma-river, the left tributary of the Cheptsa-river, as for the surface source so it is the Cheptsa-river itself.

Groundwater intake facility includes 6 wells with water-bearing horizon located at the depth of 8-9 m having capacity of 19-25 m.

Groundwater intake from the underground source reaches the value of almost 20,000 m3 per hour.

Surface water intake facility is built to meet the needs of the JSC Chepetsky Mechanical Plant and of the cogeneration plant at the Cheptsa-river. Working capacity of this facility is 196,000 m3 per day. JSC Chepetsky Mechanical Plant owns drinking water and sewage disposal treatment plants.

Groundwater of the Syaninsky pool is notable for its sanitary purity. Results of chemical and bacteriological tests meet the corresponding requirements.

Glazov Water-Supply Company operates 165.4 km of water-mains, 126.7 km of municipal sewerage, 6 artesian wells with the capacity of 20,000 m3 per day, pumping facilities, 21 regional water-main pumping stations, and 11 sewerage pumping stations.

Municipal water-mains are circular and consist of steel, cast-iron, glass-fiber, and high-duty cast-iron pipes having globular graphite of 100-400 mm diameter. Water-mains are equipped with fireplugs and stop valve.

Municipal sewerage consists of concrete pipes having diameter of 100-1000 mm.

Most sewage is treated in JSC Chepetsky Mechanical Plant. Its working capacity is about 87,000 m3 per day.

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