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Heat supply

The city heat supply is being realized through 9 heat supply sources, of which two belong to municipal property.

The main heat energy supplier in Glazov is the heat energy center JSC “Chepetsky Mechanical Plant" having working capacity of 897 Hcal per hour. It supplies the city with 87,5 % of heat energy consumed.

712.1 thousand Hcal of heat energy, including 464.4 thousand Hcal for municipal use, have been generated by the unitary plant "Glazov Heat System" in 2005.

The kinds of fuel used in boiler-houses are natural gas, bituminous coal and black oil.

The heating-main, operated by the municipal unitary enterprise "Glazov Heat System" is 86,2 km long.

The heating main is constructed of two pipes. Heat consuming system is indirect, with low-pressure hot-water pumping. Two-pipe construction and circular design of heating mains allows increse service life and improve safety of heat supply system.

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